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Established in 1992, PT Tetrasa Geosinindo (Geosinindo) wanted to start right by making sure it does not only have a strong sales force but is strong technically.

Back when Geosynthetic was basically unheard of in Indonesia, a strong engineering team was needed to help consultants with their designs as well as a good installation team to make sure the materials were installed properly. Over the years, more and more new technologies were introduced and Geosinindo also grew in size and quality of the staff and service given to the clients. The company even began implementing its own IT system to manage its growing client database, better logistics system, and many more which is still being improved even now. The installation team grew big enough that it branched off to become its own company which still support the projects that Geosinindo supplies materials to. The office became too small and has been extended several times to allow for the expansion needed to better serve the clients.

Throughout the years, there have been many changes, personnel and management alike. But the goal remains: Geosinindo strives to engineer the best solutions for the clients through engineering advice, design, supply of the materials, and installation. The values have also remained the same though they are more defined now: Quality, Portfolio, People, Partners, Community, and Environment. Widening the range of the products supplied while making sure of their quality, training our staff and building a good partnership through good and fair practices, helping out in communities and taking our part in caring for the Environment, Geosinindo has been and hope to always will be the role model for its peers in the Geosynthetic and Construction community in general.


The vision of Geosinindo is to be the FOREMOST Geosynthetic Company in Indonesia


To be the ONE to go to for Geosynthetics in Indonesia through providing prime products and services to our customers by adhering to our core values


Let us know how we can engineer a solution for you.






Ir. Sarifudin Muten

Civil engineering graduate from Institut Teknologi Bandung in 1987, went on to fulfilling related roles as an engineer focusing on geosynthetic applications. Through his work, he helped pioneer the introduction of geosynthetics to the Indonesian market which is now widely known thanks to, in no small part, his contribution. With his hard work and dedication, he has progressed in his career to managerial role and is now the President Director of the Geosinindo group.

With 3 decades of experience, he has brought integrity, attention to detail, and many solutions to the table which are clearly seen by those he leads. Now more determined than ever, his plans and directions for the future will expand the business and see Geosinindo reach a potential never before thought of by his predecessor.




Lenawati Suradi

Graduated from Pakuan University in Management in 1986, she has built on her career in the finance and accounting field from before she even graduated. Working as accounting staff, she worked her way up to be the finance and accounting manager and later on became the Finance and Administration Director. Her attention to detail has ensured flawless bookkeeping and her work ethics has left very little to be desired of her professional work.

Her passion lies in more than just perfect work but also in people. In her years of experience, she is known to be the approachable, caring, and compassionate leader. Her personal motto is “Do the best whenever and wherever. I am working for human beings and GOD” and it shows in every interaction she has with others. She is the perfect partner to the President Director in leading Geosinindo.