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Geosystem is a flexible structure, made of Geotextiles and utilizing readily available soil fill. It is able to withstand the erosive power of water in both marine and river hydraulic applications.

Erosion Protection


  • Permanent Protection
  • High Hydraulic Stress Resistance
  • Structurally Supportive
  • Cost Effective
  • Practical and Easy to Install
  • Durable
  • No Maintenance
  • Riverbanks Prone to Erosive Scour
  • Beach Erosion Protection
  • Flood Protection Works
  • Recreational Ponds and Lakes
  • Scour Protection of Underwater Structures
  • Temporary and Permanent Repair of Failed Slopes
  • Revetments
  • Offshore Breakwater and Artificial Reef
  • Protection Dykes
  • Containment Dykes
  • Jetties and Groynes
  • Reclamations
  • Island Creations
  • Geotube® Geobag
  • Geotube® Dyke

Geotube® Geobag is Geotextile in the form of bags filled with soil. Geotube® Geobags provide a secure and practical alternative to stone for protection of beaches, riverbanks, and above water flood channels subject to erosive scour.

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Separation Reinforcement
Product Types:
o Geotube® GB 400MX3 o Riverbanks Prone To Erosive Scour
o Geotube® GB 400MX4 o Beach Erosion Protection
o Geotube® GB 500MB3 o Flood Protection Works
o Geotube® GB 500MB4 o Recreational Ponds And Lakes
o Geotube® GB 350MS51 o Scour Protection Of Underwater Structures
o Geotube® GB 350MS52 o Temporary And Permanent Repair Of Failed Slopes
o Geotube® GB 450MC2
o Geotube® GB 450MC3
o Geotube® GB 450MC4

Geotube® Dyke is polypropylene woven Geotextile in the form of tubular containers formed insitu and hydraulically filled with sand. Geotube® Dyke can be stacked to produce the elevation necessary for backfilling and land creation. Geotube® Dyke can then be covered with rip rap, sand, or other soil to produce natural looking shoreline.

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Separation Reinforcement
Product Types:
o Geotube® GT500M o Revetments
o Geotube® GT750M o Offshore Breakwaters and Artificial Reefs
o Geotube® GT1000M o Protection Dykes
o Geotube® GT650MC o Containment Dykes
o Reclamations
o Jetties and Groynes
o Island Creations