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Composite Geotextile is manufactured material using Geotextiles, combining non-woven material with reinforcement filament, providing optimum function as separator and reinforcement material.





  • Suitable for Reinforcement of Granular & Cohesive Soil
  • Low Creep Behavior
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Low Elongation
  • High Resistance to Construction Stress
  • High In-Plane Drainage Capability
  • Easy to Install
  • Slope and Wall Reinforcement
  • Embankment on Soft Soils
  • Foundation Cushioning
  • Basal Reinforcement Over Piled Foundations
  • Stabilization of Slopes
  • Reinforcement on Road Constructions
  • Railway and Airfield Constructions
  • Reclamations and Breakwaters
  • Storage and Container Yards
  • Construction Platforms
  • Polyfelt® PEC

Polyfelt® PEC Geotextiles are composed of high modulus polyester yarns stitched to a polypropylene continuous filament non-woven needle punched Geotextile backing that enables maximum load carrying efficiency. The non-woven Geotextile backing provides in-plane drainage and protection to the polyester reinforcing yarns against installation damage.

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Separation Filtration Reinforcement Drainage
Product Types:
o Polyfelt® PEC 35 o Slope and Wall Reinforcement
o Polyfelt® PEC 50 o Embankment on Soft Soils
o Polyfelt® PEC 75 o Foundation Cushioning
o Polyfelt® PEC 100 o Basal Reinforcement Over Piled Foundations Stabilization of Slopes
o Polyfelt® PEC 150 o Reinforcement on Road Constructions
o Polyfelt® PEC 200 o Railway and Airfield Constructions
o Polyfelt® PEC 35/35 o Reclamations and Breakwaters
o Polyfelt® PEC 50/50 o Storage and Container Yards
o Polyfelt® PEC 75/75 o Construction Platforms
o Polyfelt® PEC 100/100