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Non-Woven Geotextile is a planar and essentially random textile structure produced by bonding, interlocking of fibers, or both, accomplished by mechanical, chemical, thermal, or solvent means and combination thereof. Our Non-Woven Geotextiles performs just as good as others with lower mass meaning less plastic used for better environment.





  • Reduces Fill Material
  • Cost Saving
  • High Puncture Strength
  • High Performance Product
  • Worldwide Distribution & Services
  • Improves Filtration
  • Improves Soil Stability
  • High UV Resistance
  • Chemically and Biologically Inert
  • Heat and Humidity Resistance
  • Road Constructions
  • Soft Soil Stabilization
  • Land Development for Industrial and Housing Estates
  • Revetment and Rip-Rap Filtrations
  • Filtration Behind Gabions and Breakwaters
  • Railways
  • Land Reclamations
  • Storage and Container Yards
  • Sub Drain Systems
  • Geomembrane Protection
  • Polyfelt® TS
  • Polyfelt® F

Polyfelt® TS Geotextiles are mechanically bonded continuous filaments from 100% UV stabilized polypropylene. They are characterized by a high resistance to installation damage, high water permeability, and increased UV resistance.

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Separation Reinforcement Filtration Drainage
Product Types:
o Polyfelt® TS 20 o Road Constructions
o Polyfelt® TS 30 o Soft Soil Stabilization
o Polyfelt® TS 40 o Railways Filtration Behind Gabions and Breakwaters
o Polyfelt® TS 50 o Sub Drain System
o Polyfelt® TS 60 o Geomembrane Protection
o Polyfelt® TS 65
o Polyfelt® TS 70
o Polyfelt® TS 80
o Polyfelt® TS 006
o Polyfelt® TS 007
o Polyfelt® TS 008
o Polyfelt® TS 009


Polyfelt® F is an advanced two layer Geotextile comprised of mechanically bonded continuous filaments made from of 100% UV stabilized polypropylene. The first layer offers excellent filtration characteristics while the second layer provides mechanical protection. The Geotextile has extremely low clogging risk, high soil retention capability, and allows high water flow.

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Separation Reinforcement Protection Drainage
Product Types:
o Polyfelt® F 58 o Rip-Rap Systems
o Polyfelt® F 68 o River Canals
o Polyfelt® F 78 o Coastal Applications
o Filtrations